Air Conditioning System Mistakes That Could Increases Your Utility Bills and That Tend To Cause Potential Health Hazards

Yes, indeed, our summers are now becoming hotter—thanks to global warming. Because of this, you will hardly find a home, office, or car without an air conditioning system. However, did you know that there are some mistakes that we make and they end up affecting the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of our air conditioning systems?

The following are some of the mistakes that can affect the functionality of your AC system. You shouldn’t be surprised when you realize that you are not aware that you are making of these mistakes.

Failing To Clean and Change the AC Filter

James Braun, an engineering professor at Purdue University and the director of the Center for High Performance Buildings, says that dirty air filters are the leading causes of poor airflow and circulation in air conditioning units. Besides, James claims that a dirty air filter can freeze up your AC unit.

The chances of a dirty air filter being contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms are very high, and some of these microorganisms can be harmful to our bodies in case we inhale them. According to Mark Mendel, a leading scientist at the scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Indoor Environment Group, dirty air filters in AC units can cause asthma as well as other related allergies.

When you don’t change your air filters as required, you can increase your utility bills by up to 15%. In addition to this, failing to change the air filters shortens the lifespan of an air conditioning system.

However, you can reduce your utility bills by changing and frequently cleaning your AC filters every three months. This is a simple and inexpensive task, which costs around $10. But, people with ductless AC units shouldn’t replace the air filters. You only need to remove the air filter, and then wipe it to clean the dirt and then put it back to the AC unit.

Failing to Do Regular Maintenance and Servicing

This one of the greatest mistakes done by people who own air conditioning systems. Most people assume that their AC systems are not faulty, so long as it’s “functioning well”—but this is not true. Yes, your system might be working, but not optimally if you don’t do regular servicing and maintenance. Although you can easily clean your unit’s filter by following simple DIY videos online, you need to hire Honest Air to do annual servicing.

Improper Positioning Of Your Thermostat

It’s important to understand that the position and location of your thermostat has a significant effect on the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. You should never install your thermostat in the kitchen or close heat-producing appliances. Some of these areas or appliances can trick your thermostat that your home needs more cooling. As a result, it can make your AC system to work much more that it’s needed. This, in turn, can affect the efficiency of the system, as well as increase your utility bills.

Under Utilizing Your Ceiling Fans

Do you know that a ceiling fan can assist in the circulation of the cool air from an air conditioning unit? Yes, that’s possible. Ceiling fans do not consume as much energy as AC systems, but they still have the same functionality as an air conditioning unit. Using a ceiling fan helps your AC system not to overwork. If you are using a ceiling fan to circulate cold air during the summer, don’t forget to set it to rotate anticlockwise as this improves the airflow in the house.

Cooling Empty Rooms

You should never cool a room when it’s not in use. This one of the ways that can assist you in reducing your utility bills. When cooling your home, always make sure that you close the vents in the empty rooms as this prevents the rooms from consuming your cooled air.

Keeping Your Blinds and Curtains Open

This is another common mistake we do, and it costs us a lot in terms of utility bills. When you leave your blinds and curtains open, the cool air can easily escape from your home, thus making your AC unit to overwork.

Moreover, when the sun penetrates through the open blinds, it increases the temperature in your home, which also makes your AC unit to overwork in an attempt to reduce the extra heat.

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