Your furnace is the most vital utility that you need in your home during winter. The last thing you’d want is to turn it on, just to realize that its cold air blowing it out the vents. Or, even worse, to find out that the furnace has stopped working when you need it the most. You don’t have to worry at first when you realize that your furnace is blowing cold air. There are a few reasons for that, and you should check a few things before you start getting worried.

Here at Honest Air, our main mission here in Fayetteville is to assist you in keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter season. Here are a few things that you should check out first when you realize that you need furnace repair Fayetteville NC.

The Settings on Your Thermostat

The first thing that you should check is the thermostat, and make sure that it’s in the right settings. If the thermostat is set to “ON”, the blower will continue running, even at times when the furnace isn’t heating the air. The vents will continue blowing cool air since there is no heated air from the furnace.

What you need to do is to turn the thermostat settings to AUTO, as this will allow the fan to run when the furnace is heating. Therefore, you will not get room-temperature or tepid air.f

Did someone say.. Furnace Problems

The Air Filter

Your furnace can overheat because of a dirty air filter as it prevents the air to flow in and out of the furnace—and this can also cause your vents to blow cold air. If the furnace overheats, its safety control will shut off its burners, and this will, in turn, because the fan to blow cool air instead of heated air.

Check Whether the Pilot Light Is On

There is a possibility that your furnace is blowing cold air since the pilot light isn’t on. The solution to this is pretty simple—just turn on the pilot light.

You may have to relight the pilot light manually or with a simple push of a button—but this will depend on the model and the age of your system. You should contact our professionals here at Honest Air in case you don’t know how to do it—they will be more than happy to offer the necessary assistance.

When you realize that the pilot light continues to go off, even after trying to relight it severally, consider contacting one of our professionals to give it a thorough inspection. This can be an indication of a major problem in the system that needs urgent and professional assistance.

Restart the System

If you have installed a modern furnace, there is a possibility that you can control it with your smartphone or computer. At times, a glitch in the system will cause the vents to blow out cold air, and you will have to restart the system—just like you would restart your smartphone or computer.

Turning off the furnace for 30 seconds and then turning it on again can assist it to reset, and start functioning normally. If the furnace doesn’t function normally, even after restarting it, consider contacting one of our HVAC Fayetteville NC professionals to check what might be the problem with your furnace.

Inspect Your Ductwork

Old ductworks have a higher chance of becoming leaky or damaged. If the ductwork is leaky or damaged, heated air can escape before it reached the targeted rooms in your home. According to the US Department of Energy, leaking heated air to places like the basement or attic area can increase your utility bills significantly.

So, you should ensure that you inspect your ductwork, but you might not manage to visually identify the areas causing heat air to leak. In such cases, you should consider contacting one of our experts for a comprehensive inspection of your ductwork.

Contact us today if you need extra assistance

If you realize that none of the above troubleshooting solutions isn’t working, then your furnace has a bigger problem. In case of that situation, contact one of our Honest Air Professionals today to assist you with the inspection. Our team will more than happy to visit your home and give you the necessary assistance.