Hurricane Dorien has now passed, and most of us are now trying to recover from the high winds and rain. Even though this hurricane wasn’t as terrible as some that we have seen in the past, we still want to provide some information on how to check your HVAC system! In this post, we shall give you the tips you need in order to access the damage, and then take the steps necessary to reduce any further issues with your AC unit.
We understand that you need your air conditioning unit running to regulate the temperatures in your home. However, you need to check your heating and air Fayetteville NC unit first to avoid causing any further damage, which could increase the cost of repair. Since your insurance company will be handling the repair costs or some percentage of it, you need to avoid adding further problems that could increase the repair time of your air conditioning unit.

How to assess your HVAC unit for damage from Hurricane

Before you restart your central AC unit after a hurricane, you need to check the following things:
  • Is there any signs of damage from wind-blown objects or falling trees?
  • Was the air conditioning unit submerged in water?
  • Are the vents and fan clear of debris and other materials?
  • No signs of burnt electrical smoke damages.
  • Are the electrical and refrigerant lines intact?Best HVAC Services in Fayetteville NC

Check for apparent signs of damage caused by debris or flooding

To check whether your central AC unit or heat pump were submerged in water, you are likely to see clear signs on the AC unit itself, as well as along the sides of your home. If the water levels were high, then they will likely leave a dirt stain on the exterior walls of your home. You can measure the depth of the floodwater, and then use that to determine whether your AC unit was submerged. In case the AC unit was submerged, you might also notice a skim of mud covering it.
If you notice that the AC unit was submerged in floodwater, you should contact experts at Honest Air Fayetteville NC to inspect and clean it before you turn it on again. If the internal systems are coated in dirt, they will not function optimally—the cooling coils will lose their efficiency and the electronic elements inside the AC unit may short out when you turn on the AC unit.
When you notice that tree limbs, falling trees, or other objects carried by floodwater or blown by wind hit the air conditioning unit, you should also consider calling our technicians at Honest Air Fayetteville, NC before trying to turn on the unit.

Check the rest of the central AC system

In case your house was flooded, you might need to inspect your air handler as well as your furnace. If floodwater reached these two pieces, then you need to have a technician inspect them. There is a possibility that floodwater shorted out the electronic components or caused corrosion in some of the most crucial parts of the air conditioning system.

What to do if you don’t notice any signs of obvious damage

If your AC unit seems fine, and it is free from debris, wasn’t struck by any object or wasn’t in the path of any direct flooding, you should consider turning it on—just to run a test. However, you need to exercise extra caution when turning it on and make sure that you do a thorough inspection once the unit is turned on. Check to see whether its cooling fan is sounding right. Do you smell any signs of smoke or electrical shorting when you put your nose close to the unit?
Leave the AC unit to run for some time, and then recheck it, just to make sure that everything is ok. Continue monitoring the unit for the next few days, until you are satisfied that everything is running as it should. If you don’t want the hassle of monitoring your AC unit now and then, consider having a professional inspect it.
If you have any doubts that your HVAC Fayetteville NC system is not working correctly you should consider turning off the unit at night before you sleep, since you will not be able to monitor it. Hurricanes typically come with massive power outages, the risk of fires are high, especially when the power is reconnected. Therefore, you need to exercise a lot of caution and most importantly contact your friendly HVAC inspectors at Honest Air Fayetteville!
HVAC Care after a Hurricane from Honest Air Fayetteville NC, America.

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