John Wilson, a veteran who served in the Marine Corps for five years, is the owner of one of the fastest growing HVAC companies in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His company, Honest Air Fayetteville, specializes in the repair, maintenance and installation of HVAC systems. John entered the HVAC industry in 2007. Working as an apprentice for Alan’s Air in Scottsdale, Arizona allowed him to learn more about the field. He earned his certification from Gateway College in 2009.

In 2013, he applied to a national company in North Carolina and got accepted. He spent the next three years there perfecting his craft. John’s dedication and hard work motivated him to establish a trustworthy and honest company where he can use his training and hands-on experience in fixing, installing and maintaining HVAC systems to help people. Honest Air Fayetteville is insured and bonded. They service Fayetteville and the surrounding areas, including Fort Bragg, Lumberton, Pinehurst and Hope Mills.
Those who need help with heating and air Fayetteville NC can trust Honest Air to provide the best service. Keeping the HVAC system properly serviced is important to ensure that it runs efficiently throughout the year. The HVAC system should be serviced at least twice a year, normally during spring and fall. The system will be inspected for any problems and then cleaned. All moving parts of HVAC Fayetteville NC will be lubricated as well.
Staying in a home with a broken HVAC system is extremely inconvenient. It can cause the pipes to freeze, which can lead to costly repairs to the plumbing system and water damage. Timely AC repair Fayetteville NC is particularly important if there are elderly and young children in the house. When the HVAC system is not working properly, it consumes more energy and this increases utility bills. Honest Air Fayetteville sends a certified HVAC service professional to check the system and to make the necessary recommendations for repair. If there are parts that need to be replaced, the technician will bring it up right away.
Routine preventative maintenance can prevent small issues from turning into big problems. It is less expensive and easier to maintain a HVAC system than to replace or repair it. If Honest Air Fayetteville doesn’t have the necessary parts in their truck, they will get these parts to fix the unit immediately and ensure that it is running properly. They will clean up and leave the work area as they found it, so homeowners won’t have to clean up. Those who need a new system can contact Honest Air Fayetteville to get a free quote on the labor and the unit. The company’s technicians can install the unit and test it before leaving to make sure that the system is working.
Having the HVAC system assessed twice a year can prevent further damage and ensure that the system is running correctly. Homeowners should not put off HVAC maintenance until the system breaks down or stops working. No one wants to feel uncomfortable during the coldest or hottest times of the year. By protecting the system, homeowners can make sure that they will stay comfortable throughout the year.
About Honest Air Fayetteville:
Honest Air Fayetteville was established by John Wilson in 2016. As a full-service heating and air conditioning company, Honest Air Fayetteville completes the job right the first time. They offer AC and heating repair, replacement and maintenance.


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